3/16/15 To all members who missed our last meeting.

We will be having another meeting and also distribution of checks regarding bankruptcy.

Meeting will be held on APRIL 16 2015   @ 4pm

Meeting Place: Nino Auto Repair Inc,

1820 Richmond Rd. Staten Island N.Y. 10306

P.S. If you have not yet paid your membership fee for 2015,

Please bring it with you.

Any Question: contact Annette @ 347-666-6575

Respectfully Yours,


2/19/15 ,TO ALL  MEMBERS :

 On Tuesday March 3, 2015. You are all Welcomed to come to Our location ( Nino Auto Repair Inc )  at 4PM,

located at 1820 Richmond Road, Staten Island N.Y. 10306. You at this time may collect one of your checks regarding bankruptcy.

 If you have not yet paid your dues for 2015 please bring it with you.

 Thank you and respectfully yours

 Nino Cutillo

Very important meeting on 12/18/14 3 pm at :
1820 richmond Rd Staten island NY  10306
The fallowing dealers please join us:
100-17 Beach Channel Drive Corp. (Tony & Prem),
A & H Investments USA Inc.
A & S Clean Car Inc. (A & S Laundry, Inc.)
A&R Petroleum Inc.
Adelphi Auto Repair, Inc
Alftekin, Ismail & Sener
Amar Energy Corp.
Arthur Enger/Ace Auto Clinic Inc
Atacan Demirbulakli
Auto Wiz, Inc.
Besto Corp.
Bobby Petroleum Corp.
Bobby Petroleum Corp.
Bronx Auto Tire
Campana Brothers Inc.
Castro's Enterprises, Inc
Causeway Food Zone Inc.
East Meadow Service Center, Inc.
Eden Dan 2, Inc.
EESA Ahmer, Inc.
Felbo Service Corp.
Fordham Road Auto Care, Inc. (Esar Timal)
George P. Auto Repairs, Inc.
Girgis, William & Mervat
Glen Cove Auto Center
Glendale Service Station
Grand KH Lee, Inc.
Gurmail Mann/Guru Mehar LLC
Guru Star, Inc. (Gurmail Mann)
Ikram, Mohammad
Jay Auto Service, Inc.
JTE Service Station
Kahn Auto Repair
Kumar, Jatinder
Lauletti, Steven
Lehigh Gas Wholesale Services, Inc. - (Subtenant) Hasbrouck Heights Gas, Inc (Feras Jaloudi)
Loops Farmer Inc
Marine Park Service Station, Inc.
Matt's Truck & Auto Repair, Inc.
N & J Auto Repairs,Inc.
NECG Holdings Corp. - Crown Petroleum (Lessee)
Nino Auto Repair, Inc.
P & R Petroleum
Patel, Mehul & Sanjay Patel (Swami Auto Repair Inc)
Pat's Garage
Pequa Automotive, Inc.
Quallicone Inc.
Quallicone Inc.
Rick's Service Center, Inc a/k/a Richard Leaper Sevice Center, Inc.
Rifat, Adem (Wizard of Cars, II)
Right Service Station Inc. (Sark)
Sark Corp.
Shan & Co., Inc.
SKA Mini Mart Inc.
Sparti Station, Inc
SSJ Friends, LLC
Stemar Management, Inc.
Sunset Service Station, Inc.
Tahit Bajwa
Tip Top Mart Plus, Inc.
Tony & Prem Service Station, Inc.
Top Cat Mangement Corp.
V & V Auto Services, Inc.
Vanita Trading
VIB Enterprises Inc.
Zebrowski, William
Zoom Car Spa, L.L.C.

12/1/14 If your 
dealer info has changed  , please email the information below to info@gettydealers.org

old station id# and name , new id# and name, name of business , name of owner , address , phone # ,fax #, cell phone # , email address  (very importent), new gas distrbuter.


8/15/14 last chance , Please send proof of rent payment that your are paying now ,
1.  A copy of the lease in effect at 4/20/12;

2.  The monthly rent on 4/20/12;

3.  The new rent after rejection on 4/20/12 and any billing invoice, computer printout or other documentation which sets forth the amount of that rent;

4.  A copy of any lease entered into after 4/20/12.

 and also proffof loss of commission ... it is imperative that you send this out ASAP
please send to : by email : jsinger@herrick.com
or you  can send by fax 212 545 2346

Justin Singer, Esq.

Herrick, Feinstein LLP

2 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10016.

3/21/14 Dear Members, We are approaching another critical phase in our Bankruptcy Claims against Getty Petroleum. It is extremely important that our organization stays committed and financially viable.Therefore we must stay current on our annual dues of $300.00. For those members who are not current through 2014 dues. Please be advised that you will not be represented by our Dealers Group Legal Council. This would therefore require you to obtain your own attorney to represent you in bankruptcy. So,  please check your records. If your dues are unpaid. Please remit your Payment Immediately.
Thank you.

1/27/14 .To all Petro dealers, many have called complaining about new conditions under gas distributors. Please email all complaints and ideas as to what actions the dealers should take, for example: gas sales slow down how many would like to join? (why go out of way if distributors don’t care about dealers). legal action, how many would like to join? Please call dealers to email these complaints and ideas. A big meeting date will be decided on shortly. Email: info@petrodealrs.org

12/19/13 All dealers should send an email with all their info   to : info@gettydealers.org ,  to  check they are on list to receive settlement money from court.

Also send info of how much your claim grewing as result of further losses as result of Getty actions . This is important for our new legal action .

12/19/13:All  dealers that has moved or went out of business, please email to info@gettydealers.org  with your new information: station # ,name , business name , address ( old and new ) phone # . so you can be tracked to receive settlement money from court. please also send all losses as result of going out of business to see if it could be added to new legal action. 

12/19/13 There is  a new lawsuit  , only the dealer members in good standing, that have paid their dues, will be a part of our New lawsuit and benefits to come!

Attention all members:
If you have not already done so, please remit the annual $300 dues ASAP ,made out to: Petroleum dealers group inc . 
(with your 

station # on the check,and all info please) 

To the following address:

Petroleum Dealers Group, Inc
1820 Richmond Rd
Staten Island
New York 10306

The funds  go to the overall expenses and legal fund ! Only the dealer members that have paid their dues will be a part of our  law actions and benefits to come! 

Call your appropriate council member if you have any questions on this.

All commission dealers (of any gas) in the USA:

1.Are you getting a flat set commission per Gallon, how much?

2.Does commission  cover your  direct labor related to gas sales ? what will it cover when minimum wage goes up?

3.Does commission cover your rent or % portion of your rent , how much?

4.Does commission cover utilities related to gas sales what % is covered ?

5.What you be interested in joining our national effort for fair commissions to gas dealers?

6.Please email answers with your information : name , business name , address , email, phone # , cell phone # , gas brand , gas distributer.

to: info@petrodealers.org   

Any one who received a letter in regards to a generator from NY state fax the letter to Nino 

1 718 650 0212 .

7/17/2013 :A Settlement in Principle Has Been Reached by The Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc. Trust of its Lawsuit Against Lukoil for $93 Million. 

If you have grievances with Distributors please email all info to info@gettydealers.org so we can add the information on the website. Anyone with concerns including environmental, pump issues, pricing, competition, maintenance, lease, business losses due to landlord or distributors, or any other issue can email the aforementioned email address for posting in website.

To all dealers:

Our sole objective is to sit down and

negotiate in good faith with gas

distributors .

By request of goverment  officials and in the intrest of our customers ,with the impending weather threatening our area we will immediately begain selling gas .we will still continue to work on resolving our issues amicably with the gas distributors.

Please monitor website, For further 


All we want :adequate 


equipments and lease 

terms to be  provided to

the dealers. Wishing all

of us the best 

of luck....

Please monitor website, For further 


To All dealers: the organization and maintaining 

of dealer council cost money , if you did not 

send your membership dues , please send it to 

Petroleum Dealers Group inc. ASAP(with your 

station # on the check,and all info please) . 

this will help with our long term objectives . Also 

important ,only the dealers who sent dues will 

belong to our legal group and have the benefit 

of the dealers counsel attorneys. or all those 

who sent and are sending dues , we thank you 

for your support. United we will make it through!

Our  address and phone #:

Petroleum Dealers Group inc.

1820 Richmond Rd Staten island NY  10306

phone # (347)666-6575   Fax (718)650-0212

ask for Annette.

President : Giovanni Cutillo AKA Nino Tel 347 666 6575 email nino@gettydealers.org

V P : Mohammed Razack AKA Tony Tel 718 465 9806 email tony@gettydealers.org

In house counselor for petro dealers group :   Michael J. Deodati

any questions contact council member by clicking on contact tab above.

 we are updating our dealer list , please email the information below to info@gettydealers.org

old station id# , new id# , name of business , name of owner , address , phone # ,fax #, cell phone # , email address  (very importent), gas distrbuter name and TSM name.

we will keep you informed via web site please try and monitor website at least 2 times a day .  or email , or call your counsel rep.

Petro dealers council  web site , please email any info needed to publish. 
please email all questions.  please look at news page. for info :

Our new address and phone #:

Petroleum Dealers Group inc.

1820 richmond Rd Staten island NY  10306

phone # (347)666-6575   Fax (718)650-0212

ask for Annette.

President : Giovanni Cutillo AKA Nino Tel 347 666 6575 email  nino@gettydealers.org

V P : Mohammed Razack AKA Tony Tel 718 465 9806 email tony@gettydealers.org

In house counselor :   Michael J. Deodati

any questions contact council member by clicking on contact tab above.



emergency to all : please get it out to members of the group (also All  dealers that have moved or went out of business),and have them get me their old GPMI leases as soon as possible we must get them by 6/19/14! We need the information in order to support the claims and to receive distributions. If they do not provide the information, they will likely not receive distributions from the estate. Please let them know that this is their last chance to get paid! "The trustee is left with no option but to seek authorization from Bankruptcy court to Disallow and expunge in full each and every dealer claim"  as per court. Emergency to all  dealers and ex dealers with GPMI : please send a copy of the GPMI lease and gas contract as well as all subsequent leases and gas contracts . send everything to Justin Singer , his e-mail is jsinger@herrick.com and his fax number is 212-545-2346.  The can also mail it to him at the following address: