1. Brooklyn stations have higher gas prices than competition by more than 10 cents ( for  a long time), in a business where 1 cent makes a difference…

2.NY/NJ/PA stations have  very old pumps .They keeps breaking down  and slow to repair  and hard to get parts for!  Hurts sales and image !

3. Queens and Brooklyn  stations want to update or  at least paint buildings, without a lease ,why invest $1?

 4. stations  in queens and Brooklyn have potholes  , not being fixed for long time!

5. Branding mix ups , gas , signs , signs on building .

6.  All stations Commissions does not  even cover labor cost ! what will happen when minimum wage will go up to $9? 


please email to:   info@petrodealers.org

include all your information please .( All private information will stay private with Petroleum dealers group )